Japanese Search Engine Relationship Chart

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Major Japanese Search Engines and Directories

Do you need to search in Japanese, but are tired of getting the same results from all your searches regardless of which engine or directory you use?
This may be because a few of the same companies are providing results to many different search portals.
Educate yourself for a better, more efficient search.
(Usage Bonus: After you've memorized (you don't really have to) where the major engines and directories get their results from, feel free to use this chart as a portal to get to the search engine of your choice by clicking on the engine/directory icon.)

Japanese Search Engine Relationship Chart Yahoo Japan Overture Inktomi Looksmart JP Fresheye MSN alltheweb AltaVista Netscape Aol Japan So-net Dion Excite AdWords Google Japan DMOZ J Listing Biglobe ODN AllAbout Japan OCN Goo Nifty Infoseek

We will do our best to keep this chart as current as possible.
Updated June 20th, 2004!!


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